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You must be aware of these before purchasing steel strands!

Whenever I walk through the construction site, I can always see the steel strands on the crane that do not seem to be thick, but can lift several tons of cement and building materials. At this time, I often sigh about the load-bearing capacity of the steel strands. is so powerful. With the acceleration of the urban construction process, people’s demand for steel strands is also increasing year by year, but many people do not know much about how to buy steel strands. Today, RLS will bring you detailed answers!
1. Select a suitable category of steel strands.

Steel Strand First of all, we need to know that prestressed steel strand is a commonly used building material, which also means that the scope of use of steel strand is not limited to a single application. Therefore, before buying, one should determine the category based on actual usage. For example, according to the number of steel wires in a steel strand: 2-wire steel strand, 3-wire steel strand, 7-wire steel strand, and 19-wire steel strand; trace strands, die-draw strands (compact), epoxy-coated strands, etc.
2. Select an established manufacturer.steel strand

Secondly, choose a steel strand manufacturer with a better reputation so that the reliability you will end up with will be better. Generally speaking, a steel strand manufacturer with a good reputation and a good reputation can at least show that it attaches great importance to customer experience. At the same time, it can also reflect that such steel strand manufacturers are relatively mature in management. In many cases, a good reputation often means that the manufacturer has a good service attitude, so customers can get a better shopping experience.
3. Select a steel strand manufacturer with a high rating.

Obviously, when we buy clothes online, we believe that most people tend to look at the evaluations of other consumers on clothing, because these evaluations are given by buyers, so they have great reference value. In the same way, if a steel strand manufacturer has a good reputation, it also means that consumers recognize the product quality and service quality of this company. Therefore, steel strand manufacturers with a good reputation are naturally more worthy of choice and trust.