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What is a wire rope?

The steel wire rope comprises steel wire, rope core, and lubricating grease. It is used for lifting, pulling, tensioning, and bearing in the work of material handling machinery. As an indispensable rope, it is widely used in many fields related to the national economy(stainless steel wire rope suppliers).


What is a wire rope?

Wire rope refers to a flexible rope twisted with multiple or multiple strands of fine steel wire. It is a rope that is twisted into strands by multiple layers of steel wires, and then takes the core of the rope as the center, and is twisted into a helical rope by a certain number of strands. In the work of material handling machinery, it is used for lifting, pulling, tensioning, and bearing. The steel wire rope has high strength, is lightweight, stable in operation, is not easy to break suddenly, safe and reliable.


1. Classification of wire ropes


There are many classification methods for steel wire ropes. The common ones are classified according to the structure, twist direction, surface, and use of the steel rope. The variety of varieties also reflects the diversity of its uses.

1. According to the structure, it is divided into single-twist (strand) wire rope, double-twist (multi-strand) wire rope, and three-twist wire rope (steel cable).

2. According to the diameter:

(1) Thin-diameter wire ropes, i.e. wire ropes with a diameter of <8mm.

(2) Ordinary diameter wire rope, that is, wire rope with a diameter ≥ 8~60mm.

(3) Thick-diameter wire ropes, i.e. wire ropes with a diameter >60mm.

3. According to the surface state: smooth wire rope, galvanized wire rope, plastic coated wire rope.

4. According to the section shape of the strands: are round strand wire rope and special-shaped strand wire rope.

5. According to the twisting method is divided into four types: right alternating twist, left alternating twist, right twist, and left twist.

wire rope

wire rope

2. Advantages and disadvantages of alternating twist and co-twist

Among the wire rope varieties, the right-hand twist is the most common. Generally, when the supply and demand sides determine the twist direction, if the softness is emphasized, the same direction twist can be selected, and when the non-looseness and non-rotation are emphasized, the alternate twist can be selected.

As for whether to choose a left or right twist is determined by factors such as equipment conditions and operating habits. The disadvantage of interactive twist is that the contact is poor, easy to wear, and life is short. The advantage is that there is no tendency to loosen and twist.

Therefore, the advantages of co-rotation are that it is relatively soft, easy to bend, has small internal stress, smooth surface, small wear, and long service life; The advantages and disadvantages of alternately twisted wire ropes are opposite to those of co-rotation.

wire rope

wire rope

3. The principle of cooperation between wire rope and reel


Two types of wire ropes with left-hand twists and right-hand twists can be used for left-handed reels and right-handed reels.

The left-twist and right-twist ropes have a certain corresponding relationship with the rotation direction of the drum. Only by choosing the right twist direction of the wire rope can the service life of the wire rope be prolonged.

The winding direction of the wire rope on the reel must be in the direction that the wire rope is twisted tightly rather than loosely. It is recommended to use the left-twist wire rope for the drum with the right-hand rope groove, on the contrary, the drum with the left-hand rope groove should use the right-lay wire rope.

In short, the twist direction of the wire rope should be selected according to the rotation direction of the drum, and the wire rope should not be “broken”. In addition, the winding direction of the wire rope on the reel must be based on the twist direction of the wire rope. The right-twist rope is arranged from left to right, and the left-twist rope is arranged from right to left. The winding should be arranged neatly to avoid partial winding or pinching.

In addition, under different circumstances, the material and specifications of the rope are other and accurate calculation is required. We have a professional technical team that can provide you with customized solutions according to your needs.

wire rope

wire rope

Over the past 50 years, we have strictly controlled quality, insisted on learning high-tech ropes at home and abroad, continuously formed and strengthened scientific research teams, overcame difficulties, and continued to pursue extending the service life of ropes.

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