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Concealed Barrier Mesh

Concealed Barrier Mesh

  • Total Number of Rings: 48
  • Unfolded Size: 10x5x1.4 meters
  • Weight: Not exceeding 15 kilogramsPackaging Composition:
  • Rings with a diameter of 500mm made of 0.9mm metal wire - 12 pieces
  • Rings with a diameter of 500mm made of 0.8mm metal wire - 12 pieces
  • Rings with a diameter of 500mm made of 0.6mm metal wire - 12 pieces
  • Rings with a diameter of 500mm made of 0.5mm metal wire - 12 pieces
  • Rings made of 1.5mm metal wire (GOST7372-79) - 40 pieces
  • Label - 1 piece.
  • the following is a product introduction about “hidden obstacle nets”:

    Product introduction: Concealed obstacle net

    In today’s increasingly complex military field, battlefield mobility and security have become particularly important. To meet these needs, we have carefully developed a concealed obstacle network, an efficient, convenient, and highly tactical military defense equipment.

    1、 Product Overview

    Concealed obstacle net is a modular designed military obstacle made of high-strength metal materials and special coatings. It has the characteristics of rapid deployment, easy camouflage, and durability, and can quickly build a strong defense line on the battlefield, effectively limiting the movement of enemy vehicles and personnel.

    2、 Product features

    Quick deployment: The concealed obstacle network adopts a modular design, and each unit can be easily connected and disassembled. On the battlefield, soldiers can quickly build and move obstacle networks to adapt to different tactical needs.
    High camouflage: The surface of the obstacle net is covered with a special coating, which can simulate the natural environment, such as grass, sand, etc., to achieve high camouflage. This makes it difficult for the enemy to detect the presence of obstacle networks, improving defense effectiveness.
    Durable and long-lasting: Made of high-strength metal materials, the concealed obstacle net has excellent compression resistance, impact resistance, and wear resistance. Even in harsh battlefield environments, it can maintain long-term stability performance.
    Multipurpose: In addition to being used for blocking vehicles and personnel, concealed obstacle nets can also be used as shelters, shelters, etc., providing soldiers with safe cover and concealment.
    3、 Application scenarios

    Concealed obstacle networks are suitable for various battlefield environments, such as border defense, key area protection, and frontline positions. It can be used alone or in combination with other defense equipment to form a multi-level defense system and improve overall defense capabilities.

    4、 Summary

    As an efficient, convenient, and highly tactical military defense equipment, the concealed obstacle network has a wide range of application prospects in the military field. We will continue to uphold the concept of “quality first, customer first”, continuously optimize product design and production processes, and provide customers with higher quality products and services.

    I hope this introduction can meet your needs. If needed, please let me know at any time.