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Black Annealed Wire For Packing

Black Annealed Wire For Packing

  • Black Annealed Wire Size:0.63-4.5mm
  • Packing: Coil,Spool
  • QUALITY Meet the requirements of "GB/T343 general purpose low carbon steel wire" and related standards. GB/T343 and other standards.
  • Product Introduction

    Black Annealed Wire

    Hard Drawn Low Carbon Wire has been cold drawn to the required diameter and heat treatment is available. Often used for plating, redrawing and coating, it is important that the surface finish of the wire is clean and smooth. It will take moderate bending or flattening, machine ability is fair and the wire can be roll threaded.

    This is a general purpose manufacturing wire suitable for a large range of applications. Various applications include super market trolleys, shelving, baskets, racks, hooks and general automotive parts.

    Additional Info

    Diameter Range: 1.60-12.50 mm

    Diameter Range: 1.90-12.50 mm

    Diameter Range: 4.00-7.80 mm


    Hard Drawn Low Carbon Wire Specifications

    Diameter Properties

    Hard Drawn Low Carbon Wire is manufactured to comply with the following diameter tolerances:

    Nominal Wire   DiameterTolerance (mm)
    1.60mm up to   and incl. 1.80mm

    over 1.80mm up to an incl. 2.80mm

    over 2.80mm up   to and incl. 5.00mm

    over 5.00mm up to and incl. 8.00mm

    +/- 0.02

    +/- 0.03

    +/- 0.03

    +/- 0.03


    Tensile Strength (MPa)

    The tensile strength is defined as the maximum load achieved in the tensile test, divided by the cross-sectional area of the wire test. The tensile strength developed depends on the amount of reduction in area to the finished size. Tensile is not considered of prime importance to this product however the following table is given as a general guide:

    Nominal Wire   DiameterTensile Range   (Mpa)
    less than or   equal to 1.75mm

    over 1.75mm up to and incl. 2.00mm

    over 2.00mm up   to and incl. 2.24mm

    over 2.24mm up to and incl. 2.70mm

    over 2.70mm up   to and incl. 2.80mm

    over 2.80mm up to and incl. 4.20mm

    over 4.20mm up   to and incl. 10.00mm

    over 10.00mm up to and incl. 11.50mm

    over 11.50mm   up to and incl. 12.50mm










    Steel Chemistry

    OneSteel uses a variety of steel grades to manufacture its Hard Drawn Low Carbon range. The table below is indicative only of steel chemistries used.

    % Carbon

    % Phosphorus

    % Manganese

    % Silicon

    % Sulphur

    0.04 – 0.07

    0.03 max

    0.40 – 0.60

    0.12 – 0.22

    0.03 max

    0.05 max

    0.03 max

    0.50 max

    0.12 – 0.18

    0.03 max

    0.06 max

    0.04 max

    0.25 – 0.50

    0.05 max

    0.04 max