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Steel strand products are widely used to boost urban infrastructure construction.

Steel strand products are widely used to boost urban infrastructure construction.
Renqiu Reliance Industrial Group (hereinafter referred to as “RLS”) is in full production and will deliver the goods directly after receiving the order.

Recently, I walked into the first-phase production workshop of the “200,000-ton off-site reconstruction, expansion, and relocation project” of the RLS Steel Strand Factory in Cangzhou Renqiu Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park. With the roar of the shot blasting machine, wire drawing machine, and twisting machine running at full speed, the small steel wire entered the machine, and the thick steel strands were slowly rolled up. The roar of machinery and workers Busy figures are intertwined, and a fiery and busy production atmosphere is oncoming. The raw materials are mainly 82B series steels supplied by RLS, and the supply is sufficient. The production workshop will also adjust the specifications of incoming raw materials according to the specifications of the products produced. In addition to steel strands, it can also produce steel strands with specifications of 17.8 mm and 21.6 mm. The products of each product are strictly in accordance with the corresponding national standard testing standards before and after multiple inspections, before continuing to the next step of production, and the product quality is excellent.
At present, the rls Steel Strand Factory is building a new laboratory in the north area of the steel strand project. Before the completion of the construction, various specifications of products in the north area will be tested in the south area. After the completion of the laboratory in the north area, it will be able to test the mechanical properties and relaxation properties of steel strands, spiral steel wires, and smooth steel wires of various specifications, so as to ensure that the quality and stable performance of the ex-factory products can meet the needs of the majority of users.
The person in charge said that although the steel strand is now in the off-season for sales, the production line is still in full-load production, and the produced products will be packaged and stored in the warehouse. If there is an order, it can be shipped directly to the factory, and it will be delivered to the sales project site in a timely and accurate manner to ensure that users can use the required steel strands on time.

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High-strength steel strand products are widely used in major construction projects around the world.

Ruilansi Steel Strand Factory produces and sells low-relaxation prestressed steel strands, low-relaxation prestressed steel wires, low-relaxation stress galvanized cable wires, carbon steel wires, galvanized steel wires, galvanized steel strands, and other products. These products have the characteristics of large plate weight, low relaxation, and high strength, and are widely used in infrastructure construction such as highways, railways, dams, and coal mines. Among them, national key projects such as Baihetan Hydropower Station use steel strands produced by Ruilansi Industrial Group.
The enterprise project covers an area of 48,000 square meters and is divided into south and north areas. There are five nine-joint wire drawing production lines and two low-relaxation prestressed steel strand production lines in the southern area, with an annual output of about 70,000 tons of steel strands. various specifications of unbonded steel strands and epoxy-coated steel strands. There are 2 prestressed spiral rib steel wire production lines, with an annual production of about 20,000 tons of steel wire, mainly producing 4.8 mm to 9.0 mm steel wire for prestressed concrete. A new steel strand production line with a production capacity of 60,000 tons will be built in December 2021, including a steel strand with an annual output of 30,000 tons, two steel wires with annual outputs of 20,000 tons each, and a set of shot blasting process system equipment.At present, Reilance Steel Strand Factory has become a brand enterprise with a scale of 150,000 tons.
Reilance steel strand products have won the trust of many customers with their excellent quality and comprehensive services. The products are mainly sold to Yunnan Province, Sichuan Province, Chongqing, Guangxi, Guizhou, etc., and have cooperated with China Communications, China Railway , China Railway Construction, and other large state-owned companies to establish long-term cooperation.

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After technological innovation, it won the “Top Ten Industrial Innovation Enterprises in Hebei Province in 2021.”

The Ruilansi steel strand production project has been fully completed and put into operation, which is a testimony to the strength of the joint construction of local enterprises and a major measure to implement the industrial multiplication plan and promote the high-end, green, and intensive development of the industry, and improve economic efficiency and core competitiveness, and won the honorary title of “Top Ten Industrial Innovation Enterprises in Renqiu City in 2021”.

Reilance Steel Strand will focus on the “Four New” and “Four Modernizations” development, face the challenges and work hard, continue to give full play to its unique product advantages and location advantages, and give full play to the functions of “manufacturing + brand + service,” seize market opportunities, and strive to increase product market share. At the same time, focusing on technological innovation, we will improve product performance and quality in an all-round way; continuously develop new products; extend the industrial chain; increase the added value of products; and promote industrial transformation, upgrading, and development.

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