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Steel strand is a steel product composed of multiple steel wires twisted together

Stranded wire is a stranded wire with all strands of steel wire, generally used in electrical circuits and power transmission lines.


steel strand is a steel product composed of multiple steel wires. A galvanized layer, zinc-aluminum alloy layer, aluminum clad, copper-plated layer, or epoxy coated layer can be applied to the surface of carbon steel. The most commonly used steel strands are galvanized steel strands and prestressed steel strands. The diameter of commonly used prestressed steel strands is in the range of 9.53mm–17.8mm, and there are a small number of thicker steel strands. There are generally 7 wires in each prestressed steel strand, but there are also 2, 3, and 19 wires, and there can be metal or non-metallic anti-corrosion layers on the wires. coated with anti-corrosion grease or paraffin and then wrapped with HDPE, is called unbonded prestressed steel strand (unbonded steel strand). The manufacturing process is divided into monofilament manufacturing and stranded wire manufacturing.

Reilance Steel Strand

(cold) wire drawing technology is used to make the monofilament. According to the different materials of the product, it can be made of high carbon steel wire rod, stainless steel wire rod, or medium and low carbon steel wire rod. Zinc should be electroplated or hot dipped on monofilament. The stranding machine is used to twist multiple steel wires into a product during the manufacturing process of the strand. The prestressed steel strand also needs to be continuously stabilized after being formed. (reel-less) completed.