First series

Wire metal Mesh-copper galvanized

Wire metal Mesh-copper galvanized

  • Steel Grade:
    Pure Copper Layer & Steel Core
  • Standard:
    AiSi, ASTM, bs, DIN, GB, JIS
  • Place of Origin:
  • Type:
    Copper Clad Steel Wire
  • 1)diameter:0.10mm~3.0mm

    2)standard:China SJ/T 11223-2000 and USA ASTMB 566-93


    Producible scope: the diameter is from 0.10mm to 3.00mm; the conductivity is from 15% -30% etc.

    Product Features: shiny, an excellent electrical conductivity, bearing being bended, good tensile strength, excellent welding and corrosion, light specific gravity, and savings resources of copper.


    Application of CCS wire:


    1, power transmission and telephone line aerial;

    2, parallel double core telephone users telecommunication lines conductor;

    3, electrified railway and the rail transit lines and smooth line of erecting touch;

    4, cable TV users line and into the door line coaxial cable inner conductor materials;

    5, computer LAN, access network cable, field with cable inner conductor material.

    6, petrochemical coating line conductor;

    7, electric power industry grounding great;

    8, power cable woven shielding wire;

    9, all kinds of electronic components of connectors;



    Main application

            Copper clad steel can be used in inner conductor or shielng of coaxial cable, all kinds of audio and video cable, vehicle signal cable,  LAN  cable, data transmission cables, a variety of electronic components’ lead wire etc.